A set of 80 original Nemi blocks with 0-20 cards, magnetic counters and Dick-System blocks.

Czym są klocki Nemi®?

The selection of the elements of the set is the result of seven years of work with a group of over 1000 children aged 3-12 as part of the Mathematics classes at the MATEMA Children's University.


Big Nemi set

Nemi blocks are a didactic aid that helps introduce children to the world of mathematics through all their senses. They help you notice the relationships and relationships between numbers. Nemi blocks are a convenient replacement set that allows you to increase your child's range of calculations. Perfect for learning addition, subtraction, multiplication and division! Thanks to their design, they are compatible with popular bricks such as Dick-System or Lego Duplo.

In combination with cards that represent a number written symbolically and graphically show the successive aspects of the numbers.

The set is complemented by Dick-System blocks, which are colored counters, in the shape of cubes, connected with each of the 6 walls. In addition to their mathematical values, they are great for spatial games.

The set is complemented by a set of dice that allows you to carry out many exercises and math games.


Klocki Nemi 1 24
Klocki Nemi 2 15
Klocki Nemi 3 15
Klocki Nemi 4 12
Klocki Nemi 5 15
Klocki Nemi 10 9
Klocki Dick-System 60
Karty Magnetyczne 0-9 1
Karty Magnetyczne 0-45 1
Karty magnetyczne + 5
Karty magnetyczne – 5
Karty magnetyczne = 5
Karty magnetyczne > 2
Karty magnetyczne < 2
Kostka k4 2
Kostka k6 kropki 4
Kostka k6 cyfry 2
Kostka k9 2
Magnetic board 1
Liczmany magnetyczne 1

Weight 2.5 kg

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